Nutrition is an important but challenging part of any health and fitness routine. At CrossFit Long Haul in Maddington we offer Nutrition Coaching to help you navigate through the confusion and keep you accountable to your goals.

One-On-One Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching program is offered year round, on a personalised schedule to work with you and your life. No one’s body is the same, no one’s life or schedule is the same, so cookie cutter diets can never work for everyone long term. Our one-on-one nutrition coaching is designed exactly to your needs.

In your initial consult we set out to find out as much about you, your current diet and any lifestyle factors that need to be considered to help you improve your nutrition. We take measurements and do biometric testing to determine a baseline for your results. (We can’t change what we can’t measure!)

From here your coach will take a few days to develop a nutrition package suited to you and your challenges. This includes calorie and macro calculations based on your biometric results, food lists and guides to help you understand your different macros, training in food tracking, recipe ideas, guides and everything you will need to get started. Your coach will check in on you weekly to ensure things are going to plan and you are not getting lost. They will monitor your food diary and make suggestions to guide you towards success.

Monthly, you will meet with your coach again for measurements and assessment. Here is where we see your results and adjust accordingly. We keep working with the things going to plan and we make changes to what isn’t working. You will work consistently with your coach to find the right options for you that bring success and fit your life. There is no one-size-fits-all answer! To find out more or to book in for a nutrition consult, please start with a No-Sweat Intro:

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30 Day Nutrition Challenges

Throughout the year at CrossFit Long Haul, we run 30 Day Nutrition challenges for our members and their friends and family. These are fun, low-cost competitions that encourage healthy habits and healthy relationships with food. We keep these simple but effective. Most members choose to focus solely on a decrease in junk food, sugar and alcohol. Others reach further into macros or trialling a month without grains or dairy. Like everything at CrossFit Long Haul, these challenges are designed to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be, they’re not about forcing a cookie cutter idea onto you.