Do you struggle to find the “right” nutrition plan for you?

Do you jump from diet to diet?

Do you nail it one week and completely blow it the next?

Are you sick of working hard to lose weight only for it to come back again?

Are you looking for direction and accountability in your plan?

At CrossFit Long Haul we believe in sustainable, real-life changes. Our motto is Good Health & Good Times, so we know balance is essential for long term results and success.

There are 3 steps to success in our program:

Book your free nutrition intro: come and chat to our nutrition coach about your goals and challenges. This intro comes with no obligations; you’ll get some immediate help and tips from our coaches and some recommendations on how our program will work for you.

Start Phase One. Phase one is is about finding the right plan for you, building your consistency and healthy habits. Your nutrition coach will create your personalised plan, meal plans and guides then check in on you daily during this time to ensure your success.

Move to Phase Two. Once you have your basics covered you can move onto our ongoing coaching. You know the plan, we just need to stick to it. Your coach will adapt your plan as your goals change and your results show. When you struggle or get bored, your coach will be one step ahead. Accountability is key to results, so your coach will still be checking in fortnightly and meeting with you each month.

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Phase One

$175 per month
  • 30 Min Consult monthly
  • Customised nutrition plan
  • Personal meal plan
  • Daily accountability
  • Weekly virtual check ins
  • Food diary analysis
  • Nutrition handbook & recipes
  • Support group & exclusive advice
  • Move to Phase 2 after 3 months

3 Month Commitment

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Ongoing Coaching

Phase 2

$130 per month
  • 30 min monthly consult
  • Monthly measurements
  • Plan updates
  • Food diary analysis
  • Fortnightly virtual check ins
  • Updates resources & recipes
  • Nutrition group & exclusive content

Keep the results coming!

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Book Your FREE Nutrition Intro Today