Phoebee Frost

Owner + Head Coach + Personal Trainer

Phoebee is our caring and welcoming, always-positive Head Coach. Phoebee opened CrossFit Long Haul, Maddington after 6 years in the fitness industry. She felt like Perth needed a gym with a Good Health + Good Times focus where everything wasn’t always crash diets, photo-shopped abs and unrealistic expectations.

Phoebee is all about living your life to the fullest, enjoying your friends and family and taking care of your health in a way that supports your lifestyle. Phoebee lives everything she preaches – she loves training but only as much as she loves eating and socialising!

Phoebee prides herself on the welcoming and beginner-friendly atmosphere at CrossFit Long Haul and aims to create a community where anyone and everyone (with a good attitude!) can feel comfortable finding a health and fitness routine with us.

Phoebee holds a Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness and a variety of CrossFit, Gymnastics and Weightlifting qualifications. Phoebee is passionate about working with beginners and helping people find new, fun ways to exercise. She loves CrossFit and truly believes it has something to offer everyone!

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Renee MacLennan-Henry

CrossFit Coach + Personal Trainer

Renee is our resident Strongwoman, a competitor by nature. She loves fitness and has been in the industry professionally and personally her whole life. Renee has worked with clients just starting their fitness journey all the way through to coaching police officers and Rugby teams. While Renee takes her own training very seriously, she loves to help our members find the right lifestyle to suit them.

She might have a tough Instagram page but Renee is only serious about fitness. She loves a laugh, a cheeky wine and doesn’t like to take life too seriously. You’ll always have fun training with Renee and our members love her!

Renee has a degree in Exercise Science, A certificate in Sports Science, CrossFit qualifications and a world of experience in Sport specific Training, Kickboxing, Strongman and these days loves working with beginners and clients looking to push their fitness to the next level.

Murray Nottage

CrossFit Coach + Personal Trainer

Murray came from the bottom now he’s here! Starting as a member at CrossFit Long Haul, Murray fell in love with the place so hard he decided to start his journey to become a coach with us! Our members love him because he’s been there, he knows what they’re going through and he gets to share his experiences.

Murray started his CrossFit journey to help his BMX riding – did you know he’s #1 in WA and #2 in Australia? He understands that life and fitness continue outside the gym and the gym junkie life isn’t for everyone – we all have our own stuff going on!

Murray is the king of our beginners programs – he loves introducing new members to the fun of CrossFit and helping them see that anyone can do it!

Chris Watterston

CrossFit Coach + Personal Training + Member Management

Chris has been playing sports his whole life and he’s been CrossFitting for over 6 years now. In his time he has trained with many different coaches, many gyms and many different programs. His experience over the years eventually led him to CrossFit Long Haul where he gets to share that knowledge with all of our wonderful members.

After years in competitive CrossFit circles, Chris loves the chill, real-world nature of CrossFit Long Haul where he gets to work with every day people who simply want to improve their health and live their best lives.

Chris loves a good laugh, he’s a real team player and he’ll always make you feel comfortable and welcome in the gym!

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