The CrossFit Games Open is coming, have you signed up yet?

Every year as coaches we face the same challenge, we know the glory, joy & feeling of success the Open brings, but most of our members are petrified of it.

If you’re not sure what the CrossFit Games Open is yet, it’s quite simple. Over 5 weeks, CrossFit HQ (big boss programmers in the US) release 1 workout each week. All the CrossFitters in the world do the workout and log their scores. There are a lot of categories, the primary being scaled and RX. There are also teens, masters of varying age groups and even adaptive athletes who compete.

The rest is fairly irrelevant info for most of us, aside from geeking out watching it on TV, from here the best of the Open move on to Regionals and then the best of Regionals move onto the CrossFit Games (kinda like the CrossFit Olympics, the high level sh**)

So that part might not be for all of us, but the Open certainly is. The more people involved the more fun the Open is for everyone.

So here are a bunch of reasons why YOU should register for the Open this year:

1. If you go to a CrossFit gym, CrossFit is your thang, and the Open is CrossFits thang. Get involved, embrace it!

2. It’s the SAFEST, least scary competition that will ever be available to you. Its in YOUR gym, with YOUR coaches and YOUR people. It will be like any other workout with a few extra fist bumps.

3. You get to track your scores. Your scores stay on the Games leaderboard (with 300,000 other peoples) forever, which means next year you can see your improvements and what movements you have nailed since!

4. Lets be honest, your coach is probably gonna make you do the workout anyway, might as well make it legit 😉

5. The programming is CLASSIC CrossFit. Its from HQ themselves. There is nothing unusual, nothing you haven’t seen before, nothing you haven’t done 100 times in class. In fact, you literally have been training for this all year. You’re so ready!

6. It’s a great chance to test yourself. Everyone learns something about themselves in the open; skills they didnt know they had, levels of fitness they have never truly dug into before. The Open is FULL of bright spots!

7. Everyones gonna be doing it #fomo The community at this time of year is incredible. We suffer together daily, but The Open always brings everyone together on a whole new level, don’t make your buddies do it alone!

8. You get to be a real-deal athlete for 5 weeks. You will compete in the exact same competition as all the mega babes and beasts we dream about. The leaderboard will be all like “1. Tia Toomey, 2. Kara Webb, 3. You!??”

9. If you’re doing the Open at CrossFit Long Haul in Maddington, you’re also part of an Intramural team. That team needs you, your points and your sweet dress up skillz to win this thang!

10. The Open means we get to have parties!! Announcement parties, sleepover parties, end of open parties. PARTY!


So it’s decided. You’ve got this. It’s gonna be fun, we’re not gonna take things too seriously but we are gonna commit!

Here’s the CrossFit Games Open Registration link:

Sign Up for The Open

Don’t forget to share with your mates and let them know you’re #intheopen #cflhopen18

Go team!
Lots of love and high fives
Coach Feebz

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