Big gyms are great for getting us interested in fitness and determined to start a gym routine. But soon after joining – we often find ourselves bored, alone, lacking consistency and lost for programming.

This is when many of us reach out for an upgrade; here are 7 reasons why people are turning to CrossFit gyms:



Everybody loves friends! One of the worst parts about becoming an adult is that our many responsibilities take away from our time to socialise. People drift away, we don’t always make time for each other and it’s not long before we find ourselves in significantly reduced social circles.

At CrossFit gyms, it is impossible not to make new friends – you regularly train with the same people in your classes and there’s nothing like the shared pain of a workout to bring people together!

CrossFit gyms love a good social event, a cheeky BBQ to get the mates together or a sports team to have some fun outside of the gym. No matter your background, you will always meet some amazing new people that keep you coming back and working hard at your local CrossFit gym.



I’m a personal trainer – I know how those big gyms work. Sure, the PT’s there don’t want you to hurt yourself, but they’re busy with their own clients and nobody is paying them to scout the gym helping people out and checking their form which means loads of crazy advice gets thrown around!

CrossFit gyms (find the right one of course!) are run by qualified, experienced coaches who have usually been training in CrossFit themselves for many years. A good CrossFit always has small classes, sometimes even more than one coach per class. The coaches spend 100% of their time working with members individually, helping people all throughout the class so no matter if it’s your first day or your fifth year of CrossFit you will always receive helpful advice and support.



Yeah, yeah, airy fairy, I know. You never know how much easier it is to push yourself, stay consistent and reach your goals until you’re surrounded by a team of people who genuinely care about your success. The coaches and friends you have at a community gym encourage things in you that sometimes you didn’t even know you had! Having an experienced coach that you trust, telling you what you can achieve, will give you the confidence you need to hit new personal bests and keep pushing forward with your fitness. And there is no better feeling than a bunch of hugs and high fives from your mates when you finally crush that movement you’ve been chasing!



We know consistency is probably the MOST important factor in getting results. Going to the gym alone, with no accountability, no one to encourage you, no one who gives a damn if you succeed or fail is a near impossible environment to create consistency. An environment with interesting, varied programming, awesome friends, great coaching, direction and accountability is exactly what works.

Do yourself a favour and embrace the accountability of a community gym – consistency is everything.



Do you do the same thing every week at the gym? Is every day a leg day or an arm day? Do you spend hours every week on the treadmill or ages walking around the gym trying to figure out what you’re going to do today?

None of this is a problem at a CrossFit gym. Every day is different, we almost never repeat the same workout (only occasionally to test how much fitter we are). CrossFit covers such a variety of movements that you can never get bored and the programming is cleverly structured to continue progressing all members.

The programming is easily scalable – so all members will perform essentially the same workout, but with beginner to advanced degrees of difficulty in terms of the weights and movements so that everyone gets an epic workout suitable to their fitness level.

The personalised style of group programming offered at CrossFit gyms is a huge factor in the incredible results people acquire, even in short periods of attendance.



Sure, most gyms will offer things to inspire health; there’s always challenges, protein bars, posters of big dudes or girls with abs. People are getting sick of these “fake” and “perfect”, unrealistic ideals. At a CrossFit gym, you will find all kinds of people and you will get real support and advice you can work with. Most CrossFitters don’t do “diets” and they live real lives. They have fun, socialise, and eat food that fuels them to train hard.

You will be surrounded by people who will share healthy recipes and ideas just because they love it. You will be surrounded by people who want to go hiking on the weekend or play netball or take a nap because they love it and it is good for them. You will be surrounded by people who also ate cake on the weekend or had a beer, because they are real people living real lives and they understand your struggles.



A CrossFit membership will help you create a healthy and lasting lifestyle. It does not focus on “get fit quick” or “12 weeks to abs” diets or programs. It helps people build a whole life that easily fits in health and fitness.

You make friends, you have fun, you start training regularly because it’s fun and your friends are there. You eat well because you have good advice and a good appetite from training – but you find long-term diet changes that support your exercise, not wear you down.

Slowly these changes to your life begin to be changes in your health and body and they last. When you allow yourself time, a positive mindset and a positive environment you only continue to grow and get better in your health and fitness journey allowing you to continue to succeed.

There’s no end – we just keeping chipping away at building a healthy and long life!


If you think CrossFit could be for you – why not have a free trial with us at CrossFit Long Haul? Our experienced coaches and hilarious members will have you on track to being fit, healthy and consistent in no time.


Get out there and try something new,

Coach Feebz


Owner/Head Coach CrossFit Long Haul

6 years a Personal Trainer in both big and small gyms