Membership Changes

This page is for current members only.

If you wish to hold, cancel or change your membership please fill out the form below.

As per our contracts, please remember that any membership holds, cancellations or downgrades require 2 weeks notice. Any payments due during this time will be processed as usual. After you submit this form, a staff member will respond to advise the dates your changes will take effect.

If you are cancelling your membership, please be advised that should you return in the future (and we hope you will!) you will be required to join at the current membership rates of the time.

If your current membership is not working for you and you’re not sure how to proceed – please select “change my membership” and leave us some details about your challenges. A coach will gladly get back to you with some new ideas and advice about how we can reach your goals in a way that works with your schedule and budget.