Group training has heaps of awesome benefits, it can be the low-cost, high value, fun & effective answer to lots of health and fitness struggles.

But it’s not the only answer and very often – it’s not the best answer either.

Have you tried group fitness and it’s never really clicked for you? Or just like the regular gym, you get caught up and start missing sessions? Maybe you never even started because it’s too intimidating?

There are a really wide number of reasons why people can be better suited to personal training, here are a few of our most common:

1. You’re new to exercise. You have NO idea what you’re doing yet, have a very low fitness level and need more coaching and attention than is possible in a group setting. You need to learn the basics with a coach first, to be safe and comfortable in a group.

2. It’s scary! If you’re new, or have been training alone, groups can often seem intimidating. In the right gym with the right people – there should be nothing to worry about. Everyone started somewhere and your coaches should take care of you and ensure everything is adapted to YOUR fitness level and experience. However, I could tell you this 100x and you might still be nervous enough to never turn up or keep putting it off. Instead of feeling like you HAVE to get into groups but never doing it – personal training is the perfect place to get comfortable with exercise, new things, the gym, the coaches all while working at your own pace.

3. Your consistency has been questionable. Personal training is an APPOINTMENT. Not a cheap one either. I can guarantee you the consistency of my PT clients is better than most of our group members. We always follow up with our members and make sure they’re booking their next classes if they’ve gone a bit AWOL. But with PT, that can never happen in the first place. With appointments booked regularly – it’s impossible to fall off the wagon for more than a few days and your PT will be there ready with the tools you get you back on track asap. Consistency = Results, so if this is your issue, PT is definitely the way to go!

4. You have big goals! If you want to lose 30kg this year, or you’re determined to get a muscle up by June, group classes are unlikely to be your most effective path to reaching these goals. Leaving your fate up to the self-motivation required to head to the gym or a class or hoping the class is going to have muscle-ups programmed every day is risky business. Personal training means you will work on YOUR goals, as often as necessary, with a focus on homework, nutrition, or whatever other important factors are required to get you there.

5. Your schedule is cray – do you work long hours? Or irregular hours? Finishing at 3 one day and 8 the next? Personal training is a lot more flexible in times available to you. Your PT will work with your schedule to ensure you always fit your training in. No more missing classes and thats that – you’ll always find another time to catch up and keep working on your goals.

6. You don’t like classes. Thats cool! They’re not for everyone and no one is gonna force you to do it. A PT means you will get effective, goal-specific training for you, with all the bells and whistles of nutrition advice, support, homework etc to make sure you reach your goals in your way, on your time.

Group training isn’t for everyone. It has awesome benefits of fun, high volume, high value and low cost. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you, or maybe it’s just not the best starting point. Book a few PTs and find your way – maybe the one-on-one life is for you or you might move to groups later down the track.

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Owner / Head Coach
CrossFit Long Haul