Group Memberships At CrossFit Long Haul

Classes at CrossFit Long Haul are a great option for those who want to train often, in a supportive and social group environment.

Classes run for one hour, where we work on a selection of Strength, Skills, Conditioning and/or a WOD (Workout of the Day). All classes include good banter and great coaching!

Every class is designed carefully to cater to all fitness levels so don’t worry if you’re a beginner, we will get you started with some 1-1 sessions to get you comfortable and safe first, and when you join the classes our coaches will be with you every step of the way.

Our members are everything to us, our #1 priority is ensuring you have a good time and get a high quality workout, suited to your abilities. If you skip a few classes, you can expect a phone call from your coach checking in on you. If you haven’t learnt a movement yet, you can expect your coach to spend time teaching you and ensuring you’re comfortable for the workout . If you don’t know anybody, you can expect to have a bunch of new friends by the end of your first class. No one is ever left behind at CrossFit Long Haul!

Getting Started

The best way to get started is with your No-Sweat intro session. Anyone interested in our gym starts here, it’s a chance for us to learn about you and your goals and a opportunity for you to check out the gym and find out which programs will suit you best. Our Intro sessions are free and come with no obligations – why not come and check it out?

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Foundations Sessions

We take our coaching very seriously, we want to make sure our members move safely and effectively for their goals. We encourage members to begin with a few one-on-one sessions before jumping into classes, this gives us the opportunity to get you comfortable with any movements you haven’t done before and work through any personal challenges you face.

CrossFit Membership Options

3x a Week Membership – $57/Week

This is the perfect starting point, for beginners or those just looking to add variety to their training, start on our 3 sessions per week option to ensure you get a well rounded program and get to know your classmates!

Unlimited Membership – $67/Week

This option offers access to the full timetable with up to 6 days a week of training! That’s less than $11 per class! Perfect for our gym junkies or anyone with some serious goals in mind. Also perfect for those who came for the workouts and accidently fell in love with the place 😉

Hybrid Memberships – Price Varies

At CrossFit Long Haul, we know every client has their own goals, history, schedules and challenges to work with. We will help you put together the best options of our services from group to personal training to nutrition coaching to ensure you have the package that best suits your life and gets you to your goals the fastest way possible!

Fifo options available!

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