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CrossFit Long Haul

Barbells, Burpees, Beers and BBQ’s

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Here at CrossFit Long Haul in Maddington, we do things a little differently!

We love to get a sweat on, hit up a tough workout with our friends, get strong, and of course we love abs, who doesn’t? But we don’t just love abs, we love every-body.

CrossFit Long Haul is for the life lovers, the weekend party warriors, the hard-working people who care more about being healthy than getting “shredded”.

We’re for the parents who need a break, a beer, or a sleep in (we’ll hook you up with all three). We’re for those who choose family, friends and living life over the stress and guilt that comes with strict diet and fitness routines.

We have the kind of coaches that work hard and play hard. They train a lot and they compete professionally sometimes, but after that they’re ready to hang out with friends and enjoy everything else life has to offer.

We know there is more to life than abs and we know you know that too! CrossFit Long Haul aims to give you the best chance at a healthy, long life – all the while making sure that life is packed full of good times with your friends and family.

We know changes don’t happen overnight, that’s why we’re in it for the Long Haul – we’ll make health an easy part of your life and we’ll all have heaps of fun along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? This gym will be like nothing you have ever experienced.

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Ashlee Eyre

Working out is never a chore when Phoebee is around


My fitness and health journey started with Phoebee in early 2012 in what might have been my 4 th attempt at taking back control of my health. Since then, Phoebee has become not just my personal trainer, but a fitness and life coach. Phoebee understands the struggles of getting started, and is able to provide quality life, fitness and nutrition advice to get you to where you want to be!
Phoebee continues to prove how living a balanced life will enable you to succeed in your goals. She is all about making life fun and working out is never a chore when Phoebee is around! Who knows how many more attempts I would have made if I didn’t meet her!

-Ashlee Eyre

Murray Nottage

"I actually look forward to going in!"

What do you do at crossfit? I'm 3 months in and coach Pheebz has taught me sooo much. I actually look forward to going in for a session and pushing myself, learning new things week after week. Never thought I could do some of the things I have learnt. And there's really no pressure, learn at your own pace, everyone is super supportive. ... It's my new Fam! -Murray Nottage
Brain Dennehy

If you want your journey to truly be about having fun on the path to a fitter version of yourself, you've found the right place


Phoebee's coaching style is great, she takes a huge interest in her clients and learns how to push their boundaries further than they thought possible. Phoebee will be there to celebrate all the milestones along the way and is genuinely excited to hear about and be a part of your progress.
If you want your journey to truly be about having fun on the path to a fitter version of yourself, you've found the right place.

-Brain Dennehy

Kristina Alekna

Phoebee has an amazing gift to help support you

     In my time doing PT with Phoebee, I have watched myself progress at a very rapid rate. Not only have I achieved increases in strength, but Phoebee has furthered my ability by fine tuning my technique in complex movements. She has the ability to tweak the tiniest details that can make a usually awkward snatch feel like the most natural movement in the world. Above all, Phoebee also has an amazing gift to help support you (no matter how much you don’t feel like working out) and inspire you to give it your best shot. This is by far her best attribute and is my favourite thing about being coached by Phoebee. -Kristina Alekna

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