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Here you will find multiple workouts suitable for at home training, with minimal equipment.

Make sure to check out the warm up videos to make sure you’re feeling great before your workout!

If you have to isolate more than a couple days – please make sure to let us know so we can make sure you get set up with our full at home coaching support system!

And at the bottom of this page you’ll find links to our amazing nutrition resources with meal plans and recipes as well as more home workouts and travel programs! If you’re not sure which pack is best for you, ask your coach for direction.


“Upper Body Banger”

Strength: 4 Sets

10-20 Floor Press Each Arm

10-20 Rows Each Arm

*Choose rep range according to the weight you have available to get a difficult, unbroken set

Then your WOD: 4 Rounds

15 V-Ups or Crunches

10 Single Arm Thrusters (Each Side)

20 Russian Twists


  • Let’s work that upper body! Just because you’re not in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t be working towards your pullups, handstands and gymnastics! This strength piece will be working all those same muscle groups.
  • Floor press: OPEN your chest. Roll your shoulders back and down and press your chest out as the DB/KB comes down. If we don’t do this we’ll round into the movement with our shoulders and miss all the goodness.
  • Rows: Do these in front of the mirror if needed, if you are performing these with a rounded back we are missing all the good stuff. Stand up tall and soften your knees, lean over like a deadlift and fight to hold that position. Then only your arm moves!
  • Thrusters: can be 10 each arm if you have a light weight or 5/5 if yours is heavy
  • Russian twists: Can be performed holding your hands together and moving side to side if your weight is too heavy

WOD 2 


AMRAP 23 Minutes:

23 Air Squats

23 Pushups

23 KB/DB Swings

23 Jumping Lunges

23 Situps

23 Broad Jumps


  • A cool one-and-done WOD today! These 23 minutes will have you glad its a one part day!
  • We should be able to move fairly fast through each movement, so scale as you need. Pushups will be most likely to slow you down, so go to the knees, use a pillow under your chest to reduce range if needed or even cut the reps a little.
  • Jumping lunges are ideal for the cardio effects, but if they’re a bit much or knees aren’t into it, stepping in and out of your lunges is great too
  • Broad jumps: Ideal length would be 1m-1.5m set a couple markers on your floor if you can or pick a brick you’re aiming for each time. Really lead with the arms – throw them in front of you to get a nice big jump.



“Booty Burn”

Strength: 3 Rounds

10 Bulgarian Split Squats Each Side

10 Single Leg Deadlifts Each Side

20 Glute Bridges

Then your WOD: 3 Rounds

100 Single Skips

30 Goblet Squats

10 Burpees Over Object


  • A booty burn! This type of glute work is amazing for building back strength & support as well as supporting the muscles around our knees and ankles and building tight, strong booties!
  • Don’t rush the strength, take your time and really focus on your hip movement, relax your butt out as you come down in your split squat, lean into your deadlift or come down in your glute bridge and drive through your heels and aggressively squeeze your butt IN on the way up on your reps!
  • If you don’t have a skipping rope, place a pillow, pen or something on the floor to hop over and back instead


“Cardio & Core”



Rest 2 Minutes


Rest 2 Minutes


Rest 2 Minutes


Rest 2 Minutes


Rest 2 Minutes

Then Core: 3 Sets

1 Min Plank

30s Left Side Plank

30s Right Side Plank

30 Bicycle Crunches

Rest 1 Minute


  • Lots of running today! Don’t shy away if running isn’t your thing. Lots of ways to scale this!
  • The distances listed are great intervals, but if 1km is too far out of your reach, start at 800m or consider instead doing a 3-5 Rounds of 200-400m runs that you can manage unbroken with the rest in between.
  • When working through the planks, don’t be afraid to use your knees. Think about tucking hips to ribs and you should be able to feel your butt squeezing. If you cant, you are likely resting into your back because the plank is too hard. Come to your knees and reset your position.
  • Aim of the game is to hold the planks the FULL time. Better to do this on your knees than break it up 10x.




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