Phoebee Frost

Owner + Head Coach + Personal Trainer

Phoebee is our caring and welcoming, always-positive Head Coach. Phoebee opened CrossFit Long Haul, Maddington after 6 years in the fitness industry. She felt like Perth needed a gym with a Good Health + Good Times focus where everything wasn’t always crash diets, photo-shopped abs and unrealistic expectations.

Phoebee is all about living your life to the fullest, enjoying your friends and family and taking care of your health in a way that supports your lifestyle. Phoebee lives everything she preaches – she loves training but only as much as she loves eating and socialising!

Phoebee prides herself on the welcoming and beginner-friendly atmosphere at CrossFit Long Haul and aims to create a community where anyone and everyone (with a good attitude!) can feel comfortable finding a health and fitness routine with us.

You’ll catch Phoebee around training and working behind the scenes helping the coaches develop the best plans and programs to offer!

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Murray Nottage

CrossFit Coach + Personal Trainer

Murray came from the bottom now he’s here! Starting as a member at CrossFit Long Haul, Murray fell in love with the place so much he decided to start his journey to become a coach with us! Our members love him because he’s been there, he knows what they’re going through and he gets to share his experiences.

Murray started his CrossFit journey to help his BMX riding – did you know he’s #1 in WA and #2 in Australia? He understands that life and fitness continue outside the gym and the gym junkie life isn’t for everyone – we all have our own stuff going on!

Murray loves welcoming beginners, but he especially enjoys helping people further their skills in gymnastics once they get the bug!

Rebekah Milburn

CrossFit Coach + Personal Trainer

Bek had been teaching aerobic classes for a long time but decided she wanted to be able to work with clients 1-1 and in a CrossFit environment where she could customise their programs and really help them reach their goals!

Since then she’s been working with our clients, connecting on deeper levels and expanding her knowledge and experience as a coach.

We love Bek’s high energy, big smiles and how she’s absolutely pumped to see our members every day!

Bek loves to work with anyone with a have-a-go attitude! She’ll be more excited than anyone about your progress and enjoys the thrill of seeing people progress through the early stages on their fitness journey. Perfect for beginners or anyone making a comeback!

Shannon Ferris

CrossFit Coach + Personal Trainer

Shannon has been with CFLH since day one helping members and the team keep the energy high and happy! She has a long history of sport and fitness and has experienced all of the high’s and low’s that come with a life long fitness journey. She loves to get our members pumped and make sure they feel supported as they start their own journey’s. You can always count on Shannon for a chat or a pick me up!

Shannon is our sports specialist and loves anything involving lifting heavy or moving fast. She’s an energizer bunny and well known for her personal best celebrations – if you need the ultimate cheerleader, Shannon will take care of you!

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