1. Refresh Your Goals: Sometimes when we’ve been after the same goal for a long time, it can get a little stale. And sometimes we change our minds too! Becoming the healthiest version of ourselves is a JOURNEY, and on that ride your ideas and values will change as you experience different things. Perhaps you start with a weight loss goal but as you progress, you get more excited by your gym personal bests or want to take on a running challenge. All of these goals will still push you towards your ultimate goal of being fit and healthy, but some will excite you and some will bore the heck outta you! Take some time to reflect on what’s been exciting you lately and refresh your goals around that!

2. Make A Plan: Once those goals are clear, make a new plan to suit them. Maybe the goal is the same but the old plan isn’t working. Don’t start each week with the same plan just like “eat healthy and workout!” if that plan didn’t work the last couple weeks, it probably won’t work this week – so stop banging your head against the brick wall! Start fresh. Do I need more detail or less detail in this plan? Do I need accountability or a different program? Do I need friends or coaches to support me or maybe I need to stop waiting for my friends and just do this for myself! Make a fresh plan and try something new, it’ll feel exciting too!

3. Set A Schedule: Often we make the plan “I’m going to workout 3x this week!” but we don’t actually commit to the schedule. Things come up, get in the way, we don’t feel like it and before we know it it’s Friday and we’ve missed our goal. Prioritise these goals by putting them in your schedule. It’s okay if it changes, but start with a plan! Book your workout times in, book in time you need for food shopping or food prep and adapt if things need to change. Fail to plan = planning to fail!

4. Look Out For Bright Spots: On the way to our big, hearty goals there will be loads of progress steps on the way! And these are the MOST motivating moments to cling to. If your goal is to lose 10kg, make sure to celebrate the heck out of every KG! And think of other bright spots that will excite you too, on your journey you will no doubt get fitter, lift more, run faster, wear some nice clothes, feel your mental health improve etc so list out a few bright spots you can keep an eye on and celebrate on the way because they will be what keep pushing you between now & that big goal!

5. Get A Coach: This stuff is HARD, we know. And we all have ups and downs. Be kind to yourself and understand if going it alone isn’t working for you. Perhaps you know WHAT to do, but you’re struggling with motivation. Maybe you have no idea where to start. It’s okay, we all need support. If it’s not happening for you in your current plan, reach out to a coach to help you! We know a few good ones 😉

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