We’re looking for a marketing & messaging SUPERSTAR 🤩

This role would suit a marketing student or graduate, a confident virtual assistant, general marketing contractor (not a specialist), a health or fitness coach who wants to add off-the-floor work and skills to their portfolio, or a human who just loves to hustle, talk and connect online!

The role will begin as approximately 6-8 hours per fortnight and we are open to it being an employee or contractor role as well as open to growth and incentives that drive you personally.

Essential skills you will have:

  • Brand awareness: you’ll be able to soak up our values, understand our ideal clients, their pain points and needs and deliver our branded message with heart and passion!
  • Communication is natural to you, When you write and create, it flows, sounds good and you know how to relate to people.
  • A mindset of action over perfection: we want quality work, with fast output. There’s no room to edit videos and emails for hours before pushing ‘post’!
  • Consistency: you get it done, every time AND you look for ways to make it better

Work you will be doing: experience in *some* but not all of these platforms is great, we’ll make room for training too:

  • Creating and writing content for all platforms – we can provide templates to support
  • Facebook – organic feed & paid ads
  • Instagram – organic feed & paid ads
  • Google – my business & paid ads
  • Mailchimp & email campaigns
  • Referral systems and campaigns
  • Gumtree & marketplace
  • Linked In
  • SMS campaigns
  • Blogs & Website updates
  • Organising competitions, events, offers
  • Managing our marketing budget

You will have an easy to follow checklist of work to get through but with room to put as much creative flavour into it as you like.

We’re really looking for someone who understands our message and can recreate it, efficiently, across all our platforms and endeavour to reach our lead generation goals and provide quality content to our community. A desire to share what we’re about and help us grow will be key 🔑

If you know you can communicate well and have a flair for writing, marketing and / or health and fitness – we’d love to hear from you!

About us:

CrossFit Long Haul is a small, studio CrossFit gym based in Maddington where we offer customised programs in the form of group classes, personal training and nutrition coaching. We take pride in caring for each member individually and supporting them on their journey from getting started, through to navigating real life on the way. We adore our members and our community and we live our values everyday of balance, happiness and you-do-you. You will not find competition or diet culture here, we are a space that promotes inclusivity, fun, working at your own pace and living your life to the absolute fullest which we know isn’t just burpees and brocolli – it’s family, friends, burgers, beers and everything in between. Sharing this message and attracting the right humans to us is everything ❤️

Please email your resume & a short message about why you think you’d be great for the role and how your work or life experience will support you to:


Applications Close February 27th 2022

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