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This week I want to talk about the values we hold, to ensure our gym is the best place is can be.

Let’s start with #1. Happiness.

Our number one goal always is to add to your happiness.

Long term, we want you to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

On the daily, we want you to feel good about yourself and the choices you’re making to live your best life.

When you’re here, we want you to leave feeling better than you walked in. We want it to be one of the best hours of your day. We want the gym to be something you’re so glad you do for yourself and genuinely enjoy.

That means some days you have to take it easy to protect your body or your mindset and we’ll understand.

That means some programs won’t be for you, maybe you don’t want to do competitions, maybe running hurts your knees and doesn’t make you feel good. We’ll understand.

Sometimes you won’t understand some of the tricky movements because they’re new to you. Sometimes you won’t be able to do them in full because of mobility, or injuries or other restrictions. We want you to know that it’s 100% okay.

We want you to ENJOY your time with us. We want you to leave HAPPY. None of that other stuff matters as much as your happiness.

We understand that exercise and nutrition are not always comfortable or fun things on their own, but the feelings you get by doing them and the feelings you get in our gym should be ones that feel good, make your life better and make you want to keep hanging out with us and taking care of yourself forever.

So if you’re ever feeling stressed, struggling with your progress, beating yourself up or feeling guilty, let’s change that. Let’s talk.

That tells us we’re missing something and your current plan isn’t improving your life. Let’s get together and change our approach, mindset, goals or whatever we need to do to ensure you’re on track to added happiness.

Happiness is our #1!

❤️ Coach Feebz

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