Being overweight affects us emotionally. Of course it does. 

But when we try to do something about it, we approach it with our brain and not our feelings.

We research the best diets, we find the best workout plan. But we don’t really commit… because our intellect didn’t motivate us to do something. Our emotions did.

We weigh up if this time, money, hard work pays off in physical, visible results every single day. But it doesn’t make sense, because the problem we were trying to solve was mostly emotional.

We logic our way into excuses instead of following our emotional motivation.

Does looking in the mirror cause you stress, upset you, cause you to say awful things about yourself?

Do you hate what you see?

Do you hold back wearing certain clothing or going to certain place because you just don’t feel good about your body?

You start to eat better and exercise because you can’t stand how you FEEL.

So when you chase your goals, chase the right  thing, chase the feelings:

I want to FEEL good.

I want to FEEL confident.

I want to FEEL happy with myself.

And when you’re looking for your motivation, don’t look for numbers on a scale or written progress so much, look at how you FEEL.

How do you feel when you leave the gym?

How do you feel when you feed yourself good, healthy food?

You feel GOOD.


HAPPY with yourself.

You nailed all your goals, right there.

If you can focus on those feelings, that success, you will continue to succeed.

Measurements, weight, your clothing size, they take a lot of TIME to change. Most people don’t make it far enough into their health and fitness journey to experience that, most quit much earlier on because they were looking for those physical results and ignoring all their emotional progress.

Every good workout, every good meal will help you FEEL like the person you want to be.

A healthy, confident and happy person.

Embrace those feelings and use them to get you going tomorrow. Keep celebrating that success for long enough and you’ll start to see the physical results too 👊

FYI: a 7 day fast, 6 week challenge or 30 days of squats are not long enough to change your body for good. But they can be long enough to change how you FEEL about yourself. Enough to keep you going long term if you embrace the emotional results ❤️

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Originally written for the blog Self Love & Cash Money by Coach Phoebee Frost

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