We all have things going on. We have crazy work hours, long shifts, kids, family that need our help, sports events, social commitments and everything else!

One of the most common things that we all KNOW, but continue to ignore is the fact that if we take good care of ourselves – we do a better job of everything else in our lives.

Being healthy and happy makes us better parents, husbands, wives, friends, workers, people. We know this.

Being burnt out, doing everything for everyone else and always putting ourselves last is a sure-fire recipe for feeling frustrated, resentful and eventually being unhealthy, stressed and our bodies paying the price. We know this.

So where are you at? Are you putting everything else in your life before YOU? Before your health? Before your mental health?

There should never be any guilt associated with taking a minute to yourself. An hour a day. A small portion of your families budget to keeping YOU healthy and happy and therefore keeping the people in your life healthy and happy too.

We’re all busy. It’s about making time and making yourself a priority.

There is no one size fits all perfect health and fitness plan, that’s why we like to speak to our clients one-on-one, regularly, to make sure their plan is working for them.

Maybe the things you have tried so far haven’t worked out. But, it’s time to reassess. Maybe you need different times, less time, more time, more focus on nutrition than training, or the other way around. Maybe classes are for you, maybe they’re not. We can find the path that is going to work for you – as long as you’re ready to prioritise yourself.

We invite you to book in for a No-Sweat Intro with one of our coaches. Let’s just chat, find out where you’re at and where you want to be. Explore some options of how we can make that fit into your life, your schedule, your budget.

The opportunities are there if you’re willing to take them! Come in for a chat 🙂

Coach Feebz

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