You roll up to the gym, maybe yawning, trying to make it to that 6am class so you can get home early after work. Maybe it’s right after work – you’re tired, it’s been a big day. Or maybe you just dropped the kids off and you’re ready for some ME time. It’s on!

Open that door and you feel the vibes right away, happy people, in a happy place. “Hey!” call your class mates – the people you have come to know and now call friends. The ones who want to hear about your day and will be there at the sweaty end for you – knowing the hard work you pushed yourself through because they did too and knowing you all did your best, together.

“How are you?” your coach asks while they set up for class, “how was your day?” you have a laugh about something silly the kids did, or something that went down in the office. Next minute the other class members are chiming in with stories of their experiences too – we’re all laughing – coach sighs – are we gonna get ANY work done today?

But it’s cool, we’re used to this is the best bit! Coach gets class started – still on time, you all head out for a little warm up jog still chatting. A couple of your classmates stay inside and warm up on the rower – they’re staying off running til their knee gets better or the weather heats up!

We get into it – Squats today! Coach takes everyone through a few stretches and drills to help you better understand what’s happening with your body, how pushing out of your heels and keeping your chest up will make you feel stable and strong. Then we get into it, everyone takes their time building their weights up to somewhere challenging, but right for them. You’re new so you hang out at 15kg – getting comfortable with the movement. Coach comes around each set and gives you a couple of tips. You look around, some people are doing 30kg, 50kg, 100kg. You could care, but no one else does. So you do you.

“Bars and weights away guys, awesome work – time for the workout!”

You pack up your stuff and everyone gathers around the board to find out what’s on today. You already noticed a few things that you’re pretty sure you can’t do. Pullups? No way! And what on earth is a double under?

Coach gives everyone a run down:
“If you’re just learning pullups – start with a jumping pullup or use the band to assist you. If you’re just starting to get them – today is a great time to practice, but maybe do 5 instead of 15 so you still get a challenge, but you’re not stuck on them!” this goes on for the rest of the movements while coach helps everyone find the best options for their workout to make sure they work hard, at the best of their abilities. Everyone hits the workout – they just do their variation of it. When that timer goes off and coach says “go!” you go into your own world – you give it everything you’ve got.

“Time! Rest guys, well done” – Coach comes around to give everyone a fist bump. “You were smashing those ring rows today! Time to move onto those jumping pullups next time!”. You both laugh and you think about how awesome those guys looked doing the real pullups! That’ll be you soon!

Adrenaline is pumping as you fist bump all your class mates and laugh about how hard all that skipping was. You pack your stuff up, head over to the lounge and chill out with your class mates. You hang out for a while – we all talk about how excited we are for the gym BBQ on saturday. Soon enough, your legs are ready to drive you home and everyone waves you out “see you thursday!”.

You smile as you walk out and think about how you’re so glad you went to the gym today instead of driving past. One step closer to your goal! Today was a good day. Inspired, you head home and throw together a healthy meal to help your body recover – ready to get back to the gym again in a couple days. Can’t wait!
“I’m gonna get those damn pullups…”

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