It’s holiday season, the best time of the year!

You know at CrossFit Long Haul we are all about balance and that balance includes wonderful days with family, a few missed gym sessions and a few extra calories over the Christmas season. It’s all good, enjoy it, it’s been a big year and you deserve it ️

But remember the key is balance. We all have our goals – what are they again? Improved fitness, better health, weight loss, toning up, a handstand, a pull-up? Whatever it is it’s a good time to keep those goals in your mind.


We might not make any huge gains this December, but we certainly don’t want to take any huge back steps!! There is nothing less motivating that trying to start the new year so far behind where you finished this one.


There is a huge difference between:


Regularly attending your workouts throughout December, skipping a few days here and there for family meets, enjoying a few extra beverages and full bellies at Christmas parties and heading into January relaxed, rested and PUMPED to hit the new year




Writing off the whole month!! Putting your membership on hold for 4 weeks when you KNOW you’re only busy a week or two (and could totally make time for a couple workouts in there!), eating like it’s the end of the world and Christmas calories don’t count (sorry fam, they still do ☹) and telling yourself you’ll fix it all in January.


You know what happens? You don’t fix it in January. You get upset that you tossed all your progress out the window, it becomes daunting to get back to the gym and you leave it longer and longer and it all gets harder and harder.


Don’t do it to yourself this holiday season! You don’t need to break any records this month but now more than ever it is SO important to maintain your great routines, enjoy your gym buddies, reach out to your coaches if you’re struggling and make a plan about how to tackle your upcoming events. We’re here for you!


There are 31 days in December, just one Christmas Day. You might be lucky to have a couple family gigs, a work party, even a gym party! My bet is they all start in the evening and you could sneak a workout in the morning or in the days surrounding it. That leaves us a minimum of 27 chances to make the month great!!


I can’t wait to achieve great things with you all next year, but don’t drop everything for a few days of fun ️


I look forward to seeing you all December – it’s the month we have the most fun! So don’t miss out


Coach Feebz