Do you track your calories? Do you try to eat well? Do you pay attention to your protein intake?


Protein can be key in almost any nutrition program – for any goal! Trying to lose weight? High protein has been proven time and time again to speed up these results. Trying to gain muscle? Protein is key to muscle growth and recovery!

Unfortunately protein is the macronutrient people have the most trouble with. We loooove fats and carbs, but eating protein in the high amounts required to have an effect on your results can be really tough!

The good news is there are plenty of high protein foods to choose from and many of them are probably in your favourite foods!

Check these out:

Common high protein foods:

Lean (low fat) options:

Chicken, Fish, Turkey, Pork, Chobani Yoghurts, Cottage Cheese, Protein Shakes (check the label!)

Other Options:

Steak, Salmon, Eggs, Protein Bars, Milk


Including a high protein food at each meal is a great way to ensure you reach your protein goals and boost your results. Here are a few meal ideas to get that extra protein in!


Breakfast – often the hardest one! We think toast and cereal – high carb foods. Try these options to get more protein in your breakky:

Protein smoothies – a scoop of protein, a piece of fruit and milk or water! You could even add some greens for an extra health kick.

Bacon and Eggs – An aussie favourite – yum!

Mini egg quiches – mix eggs, milk, cheese and ham or chicken and all the veggies you can fit. Spray those cupcake trays well and cook them up for 20-25 mins for perfect on-the-go breakky!



Pack cold chicken, ham or turkey for a sandwich, wrap or salad!

Leftovers – your favourite curry or slow cooked dinner is a great reheatable and high protein lunch to take to work.



As long as you use those high protein foods – the opportunities are endless!

Roast Meat & Veg

Chicken or beef curry

Chicken Soup

Slow cooked beef casserole or slow cooked pulled pork – delicious!

Fish and Salad



Boiled eggs, protein bars, high protein yoghurts, veggie sticks and cottage cheese, or chuck together some sliced meat and veggies in a snack pack!


Finding extra protein doesn’t need to be really hard – but it can take some planning and some practice. Which meal do you think lack’s protein most often in your diet? Pick something from our list and try it out this week!


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Good luck guys, happy eating!

Coach Feebz

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