We all set big goals for the new year, but have you been putting in work for yours?

Man, it’s so nice to start a fresh year, right?

December is always such a flurry, school holidays, Christmas parties, family, huge meals, drinks, treats. SO many treats! Haha

It’s all good. That’s part of life. So then most of us tend to be feeling a bit worn out, a bit sluggish, even a little gross by the time the year ends. On the plus side, we’re usually PUMPED to get to work on some new goals and dreams in the new year!

So what were yours?
Lose weight? How much?
Join the gym?
Put yourself first?
Maybe it was big life goals in your career, home or family?
I’d love to hear about them.

So, how are they going?
What plan did you make and have you stuck to it?

Most of us have huge dreams, but no plans. I want this post to reignite those goals. Even in a couple weeks we can lose sight of what we want or even write it off as “silly resolutions” and slip back into our old cosy ways.

So how can we get back to this? Make a plan!
What are 3 SPECIFIC, exact actions you can take to get back on track to those goals? Here are a few examples:

1. Cut soft drink down to twice a week instead of daily.
2. Book a meeting to check out that local gym you’ve been thinking about to have a chat and see if it’s right for you (I highly recommend ours!)
3. Map the exact timeline for saving at your current rate to be able to take that holiday. Then re-budget and see if you can’t make it happen earlier or with a little more cash flow!
4. Consider exactly what you need to do for your next career move. Courses you need to take? Conversations your need to have? Book them into your year.
5. Pack your lunch every day during the week to stop buying junk

Regardless of how big your goal is – the path needs to be clear and as simple as possible.

“I want to lose 10kg” is a dream.
Cutting down soda, packing your lunch and getting to the gym 3x a week is the plan. This is where the magic is.

Make a new plan. Or re-assess the old one. Don’t let 2018 get away from you!

Coach Phoebee


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