January is over… now what?

Motivation comes and goes, if you’re like most of us you’ve probably experienced a slump already this year. It doesn’t last long does it?

I think it was Michelle Bridges that said we really can’t rely on motivation to reach our health and fitness goals. It’s basically an emotion – and it’s super flakey!

You know the feeling – you set those big goals, hit the gym hard for a few weeks. Slip up once with a bit of chocolate – next minute you haven’t been to the gym for weeks and your diet is starting to look like no diet at all!

So what can we do?

Make commitments and decisions, work with what you know you’re good at and around what you know you’re not so good at.

Decide. Don’t leave it up to “how you feel”. Make a commitment – set your alarm for that 6am workout and don’t even question it, pounce out of bed before you have a chance to think about how nice bed feels! Make it a rule, a routine that its 530am – gym time, lets go. It’s not a conversation – it’s a decision.

What can you commit to? Something where NO other obligations could interrupt, no excuses can creep in so you can make a DECISION before it even happens. Perhaps heading to the gym right after work (no chance to get cosy at home) or packing your lunch and leaving your wallet at home a few days a week could be the trick!

Work with what you know you’re good at. If you’re not a morning person – stop trying to fight it! Or make yourself a deal, 2 mornings a week, 2 afternoons per week. If you know you always eat healthy breakfast – why not double it and bring some for lunch? If you’re best at training with friends – make sure you have some buddies booked in for your workout!

Work AROUND what you’re not so good at. If you go home, start getting things done around the house or get cosy on the couch and then never make it to the gym – don’t give yourself the chance! Find a workout opportunity that can occur STRAIGHT after work or even before. If you’re a sucker for the work cakes – make sure you pack yourself a healthy snack you can eat first so you’re not ravenous when you check them out and maybe choose a smaller slice. Better yet? Stay away from the break room if you know what’s hiding in there and you don’t want to eat it!

So, it’s time to get back on the health train – forget motivation, make a plan.

Make some decisions, move your plans around to work with what you;’re good at and around what you’re not so good at and let’s make this a great year!

Any questions – you guys know I’m always here.

Owner / Head Coach
CrossFit Long Haul

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