Each week I’m inspired by so many of our members. The last couple weeks of programming have been challenging, we’ve done a lot of tough workouts and a lot of people are working outside their comfort zone. We’re seeing strength, fitness and LIFE changes in these wonderful people.

Shoutout to the legend Lis – you might have seen her holding up her progress sign on Facebook, she lost 4% body fat in her 6 week challenge which is a massive achievement! It’s the one everyone wants to see.

But what I also see is her confidence in the gym. She was so nervous when she joined, wondering always if she could do it and what would happen if she hadn’t done it before. She has settled in now and rocks every workout knowing no matter what, there will be options suitable to her fitness level and she will crush it.

Lis has been riding her bike to the gym every day. She’s built so much awareness in her body positions that the work she is doing is now building strength to support on/off back pain. She lifted 30kg today in her front squats after starting with us on the 8kg bar. These changes are MASSIVE. They’re daily. They’re the motivation she needs to come back tomorrow and achieve that ultimate fat loss result. They’re the successes that let us know we are on track to everything Lis wants and deserves for her hard work.

One of my fave members to coach, Brett, almost has me in tears with his progress! Brett shows up every morning and gives nothing but his best. I am in awe of the way he embraces our value of “you do you”. He is so focused on his own progress, he couldn’t tell you what anyone else was up to that day. Every day he listens carefully to the coaches and works his butt off to implement what we share with him. His results are proof.

Sure, we posted him on Facebook too with his weight loss and big improvements on his baseline tests. Those results were awesome.

But for us it’s seeing all that other growth – like how his technique has improved 1000x fold the past few months. We watch him take on the coaches tips and then hit personal best after personal best on all his movements. Brett gives everything a crack and every day he grows stronger, fitter and more grounded into our community.

THIS is what we do it for.

When people tell us their goals – they tend to be those surface, visual results. You want to lose weight. Tone up. We got you and we can’t wait to help!

But as we get to know people more we see what we all really want. CONFIDENCE. Friendships. The freedom to ride a bike like we did when we were kids. To feel strong. To succeed. To be acknowledged for our hard work and progress. To have healthy relationships and like ourselves.

It’s the true blessing of our work & what your health and fitness journey will offer you if you let it.


If you’re ready for any of the above, we got a cosy, special, happy, welcoming and friendly place you can get started. With coaches who are so invested in your success you can bring a tear to their eye sometimes!

Come join the family! Book your free intro with us and check things out today.

Coach Feebz xoxo

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