These holidays, I implore you to think differently.

The holiday season isn’t a ‘write off’

You didn’t f*ck it all up by eating too much, drinking too much or skipping a few workouts.

Think about it. Why do you do all this work on your health and fitness?

To look good.

To feel good.

To live long.

To experience.

To be with your loved ones.

To be confident.

To love your life.

To enjoy more good moments.

To be happy!

That IS the holiday season!!!!!

When you hit your Christmas party or family gathering looking good, feeling good, with more confidence than last year to spend incredible moments eating delicious food with your favourite people in the world…. YOU’VE WON!

This is WHAT we do it all for.

You set the goals to feel that good and have those experiences and you’re DOING IT.


No, it’s not all out the window. You’ve not gone backwards. You’ve not ruined it all.

You DID IT. You reached the peak of the year. You enjoyed it, experienced it, felt the love, the warmth, the happiness, the food, the drinks the family. You reached your goals.

Think differently this year. Remember this is why we do it. These exact moments that make life great.

You are amazing and successful and this is what you worked for.

Enjoy! Happy holidays!

Coach Feebz

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