If you know much about us, you know we’re all about balance, long term habits and long term solutions.


You might then wonder why we encourage calorie and food tracking for some of our clients.


In our dreams, everyone eats intuitively. We eat when we’re hungry, stop when we’re full and our bodies send out the call for fruit, vegetables and water.


But if you’re like me, sometimes that intuition goes a little off track and it’s more like, eat when I’m bored, stop never and my body screams for ice cream, McDonald’s and frozen coke 😂


If you’ve been eating a certain way for a long time, it’s hard to be in tune with your bodies needs as opposed to just your desires. You’ll probably need a few other tools and exercises to get you there.


One that we often use in our nutrition coaching is calorie counting.


Our nutrition coach will calculate up exactly how much food intake a client requires for their body and goals according to their measurements and lifestyle habits.


From there we can track food with a goal in mind of *how much* to eat.


Calorie counting achieves a few things;


We build awareness and reignite our intuition around our serving sizes. We start to realise how much we should be eating at each meal to ensure we have enough energy for the day, but also eat an amount that will move us closer to our goals.


We get to know what’s IN our foods and which habits are moving us closer, or further away from our goals. There are no ‘good foods’ and ‘bad foods’, it’s all just food – meant for fuel and enjoyment and it all has its place. But when you have a goal, like weight loss for example, tracking your calories will pretty quickly remind you that the chicken salad you had for lunch is helping you and the chicken nuggets you had on the ride home from the club are hindering you!


You don’t have to be perfect. When you start trying to make changes to your diet, there’s NO way you’ll be perfect from day one and then forever. You might have no idea what you’re doing, you might have 50 bad habits you’re combating, you might have a party on the weekend and get stuck into some delicious beers and cake. It’s cool. When you’re calorie counting, it works even if you don’t get everything right, every day. If you stick to you calories mostly and have a few off days – you can still reach your goals!


It shows you that every choice matters. How often have you eaten and treat during your diet and then said ‘f*ck it! Might as well eat the whole bag and then get uber eats too!’. Calorie counting shows you how much you’ve eaten and how much you have left. It means you can have a treat and still have a great day if you make good choices for dinner. It shows you that you can go to that party and only go over a little if you eat well in the lead up – or A LOT if you write off the whole day!


Calorie counting shouldn’t be forever, but it’s a great tool to build awareness and help you make better and more informed choices.


Remember as always that the real key is consistency! Accountability is how our clients truly succeed.


If you want to start calorie counting – check out some basic apps like MyFitnessPal in your App Store!


But if you’ve had enough of trying and failing to stick to diets on your own, it’s time book yourself a free no sweat intro with us 😁 book here >>>


Current members can join our January Nutrition Challenge here >>>


Phoebee & Dani x



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