I’ve been working with clients 1-1 for nearly 10 years now. I have seen a huge number of clients lose weight and become healthier, happier versions of themselves.

I’ve also seen almost everybody struggle, fall of track a bunch of times and many give up.

The reason you can’t stick to your diet is because you aren’t supposed to.

Your life doesn’t work around your diet.

Your kids don’t work around your diet.

Your friends birthdays, weddings, holidays don’t work around your diet.

And yet, everyone is shocked and surprised that they can’t stick 100% to the plan when these situations arise and give themselves a hard time about it.

We all should have known from day one that those things would come up and our diets wouldn’t be perfect. But also that they’re not supposed to be, because those ‘challenges’ are also known as your LIFE and if you’re missing them all, what’s the point anyway?

The people who fail are the ones that throw their hands up and say ‘I’ve failed! I can’t stick to this!’

The ones who succeed are those that say ‘well that was a tough day to eat well! But I did my best and tomorrow will be even better’.

The all or nothing mindset does nothing for you.

I tell people this all the time and they respond with ‘but it works for me!!’

I know. Of course it does. During the *all* phase you’re a beacon of perfection and so your results should be perfect too! But they’re temporary.

The all is ALWAYS followed by a nothing when you have that mindset. And often the nothing phase completely reverses, or even does further damage than your all phase had the chance to achieve.

You’re not meant to ‘stick’ to your diet. The goal is to eat well, as often as possible, enjoy your life sometimes and keep making good choices. Your diet is supposed to work with your life, not ruin it!

If you can embrace that mindset, you’ll feel positive about your efforts, you’ll even enjoy yourself on the way and you’ll never ‘fall off track’ because you already know the track is windy and includes a few speedbumps.

LIVE these holidays but remember there is plenty of room for good choices too. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

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