CrossFit Long Haul is working with a fresh team of go-getters, the type of people who care about our members success, go the extra mile following them up in and outside of the gym, live and breathe our values and are ready to put the work in to build their career here with us.

We’re looking for a couple more coaches who fit the bill to take on classes and personal training with us. We are open to fill ins (maybe you already have a lot going on but want to try something new or keep your foot in the door) or those who want to build a career in fitness.

We are a CrossFit gym, but we are open to people of all fitness industry backgrounds ready to learn something new, take a fresh approach and get involved in what we believe is the greatest fitness program available right now.


We value all your experience and qualifications too, but we value these the most.

The coaches we take on will be those who prioritise fun, making the gym the best hour of our members day, deep connection and longevity of training.

Qualifications and Experience that would help you would be:

Cert 3 in Fitness

Cert 4 in Fitness

CF-L1 +

Teaching Groups

Personal Training

Experience working with injuries

Experience working with wide ranges of fitness levels

Experience working with day-1 beginners

Gymnastics, Weightlifting or anything fancy.

These might HELP. They won’t be how we choose our new staff. We will choose our new staff based on:

Personality – are you a good bloke / lass? Will our members want to spend time with you?

Attitude – are you a go-getter or do you need everything served up easy?

Willingness to learn – no matter what your history, we’re happy to train up the right people!

Team player – do you communicate well? Do you back up your team mates? Do you get on board with changes and development quickly?


If you’d like to take on a few hours with us and start building your PT hours, send an email telling us why you’re awesome to

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