Last, but certainly not least. We love a positive mindset.

We make time to celebrate the little things. We value progress over perfection. We actively choose a positive mindset and believe it is more powerful than anything else.

Success breeds motivation.

Motivation needs to come from somewhere – and it rarely flourishes coming from negative thoughts and demands.

‘I’m so unfit, my time is so slow!’ doesn’t fire you up and get you pumped.

‘Wow, I finished my baseline workout under 10 minutes! Can’t wait to get under 8!’ Certainly does.


So we focus on today’s wins.

We don’t compare to the glory days (‘I used to be so fit, now I suck’)

We don’t focus on what we think we *should* be achieving. (“I should have gone faster / lifted more”)

We don’t focus on what anyone else is doing.

We focus on the wins. Our wins.

You moved a little faster.

You lifted 1kg heavier.

You lost 1kg.

You didn’t have to break up your set.

You tried something new.

You held on for one extra rep.

You came to an extra session this week.


Every day there are wins. If we soak them up, make them a big deal, imagine how good we’ll feel about ourselves? Imagine how excited you’ll be to hit the gym tomorrow and find more? Imagine how much progress those little movements will add up to in 3 months? 6 months? A year!?

At CFLH we always lead with a positive mindset.

‘I CAN do this’

‘I achieved something new today!’

‘I did MY best’

Join us in celebrating your progress. Don’t be shy. We love to hear about your wins.

Nothing creates momentum like acknowledging your success on the way! You won’t lose weight by tomorrow. You won’t be able to do a muscle up by tomorrow. But you can certainly achieve something.

It doesn’t matter how small. We bask in those positive vibes and feel amazing.

Thank you to all our incredible members who bring our values to life every day. We’re all better for it and is why we have such an a great culture here.

Coach Feebz ❤

Are you ready to take on a positive mindset and see how it helps you win and reach your goals? Come hang with us, book your free, no sweat intro here >>>

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