Today’s CFLH value feature is FREEDOM.

We want you to be happy.

We want you to live balanced lives.

And we want you to be FREE to choose what that looks like for you.

There is a lot of information out there – every different kind of diet, one that will tell you bananas are your best friend and others that will tell you bananas are the devil.

The media will tell you curves and dad bods are the new sexy. And the next magazine will tell you we’re back to abs and perfectly sculpted bodies.

One minute you feel good about having a big lunch out with friends and living your life. Next minute you can be crippled with guilt and beating yourself up all week.

We’re not about this. We don’t value the back and forward, the conflicting information or every self-proclaimed ‘body coach’s opinion on Instagram about what you should be doing with your life.

We value your FREEDOM.

At CFLH we will always encourage you to live the life you want.

Free of criticism.

Free of judgement.

Free of confidence issues.

Free of nonsense nutrition tips.

Free of unrealistic expectations.

You will be free to choose what is best for you, your body, your life and to feel great about those choices.

You don’t have to line up to our specific brand of health. As long as you align with yours and it makes you happy, we’re with you.

Be free, my friends.

❤️ Coach Feebz

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