You guys know this one. Our Good Health & Good Times motto is all about it. We want you to lead balanced and happy lives.

Balance looks different for each of us. For some of us it’s working all day but finding a couple hours for our families at night. For some of us it’s training hard every day and getting to bed early. For some of us it’s salad all week and cake all weekend!

Whatever it is for you – we’re here to support.

We won’t be the gym that tells you what you can and can’t eat, tells you how many times a week you HAVE to be at the gym or how seriously you have to take it all.

We’re here to give you our best advice, if you tell us your goals we’ll be honest about what you need to do to get there.

Then we’ll do our best to help you make a plan to achieve it without giving up all the other goodness in your life.

Sometimes it takes a little longer this way, but if you want to lose 10kg and maintain any type of social life and happiness – we need to take a balanced approach! And we don’t want to lose 10kg for a few months, we want to keep it off forever, so we have to take a forever approach.

We don’t do extremes and we don’t do expectations.

It’s very easy in CrossFit to get carried away with the excitement of competitions and all the things you want to achieve. But we have to remember why we come and for most of us it’s simply to stay fit and healthy and feel good about our bodies. You don’t have to win the CrossFit Games to feel those benefits!

Your journey is yours and no one else’s. It’s just as important to us that you live it up with your family, make leaps and bounds in your career and sleep in every now and then as it is that you get to the gym and eat your veggies.

We’ll support you in those ups and downs.

Trust in us to help when things get too much or your balance falls out of whack. We’re here for you.

❤️ Coach Feebz

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